How time flies…

I failed right at the start or did I win? I mean, not following up is a failure but never following up is definitely the worst and here I am nudging myself forward to start again…That is what life is about, isn’t it? Nudging? We don’t all run, some of us crawl and some hobble, but most meander. We want to walk with purpose and move forward but it all is moving forward unless you are going in circles, which sometimes we do. To nudge something is to encourage, to draw forward, to push with steady and slight pressure or a series of pushes in a direction…To nudge requires, a nudger and the nudgee, can we be both? All of a sudden, I really like the word nudge! Nudge can be a reminder also, a reminder to accomplish what we set out to do, a reminder that it isn’t as bad as all that, a nebulous slight shove to get going…I don’t know how you feel about it but a nudge can be a good thing… I am going to nudge myself on!

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