New Year 2015

It’s raining and dark…the pavement outside my window is reflecting the street lights and each headlight of the vehicles that whiz by…

Am I alone in being the type of person who takes a few years to get into doing something even though I have a hint at how much it would benefit me? I started this blog a few years ago, it lay dormant wondering to itself, I am sure, whether I would ever get back here to continue. I’m here and I’ll come and go but this is the year for change. I can feel it…

This is the year when I will do something new…It’s a newborn year and hardly begun to breathe so why should I not feel the same stirrings? Should I not be allowed to be free and learn to breathe evenly, to blink at the sun, to see new views and visions, to taste of the wind and earth, to close my eyes and learn to crawl, later to walk haltingly and then with strength?

I think I’ll jump in and join the adventure that is growing outside my window and inside my heart…

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