Soapboxes – not for soap anymore

I have a few soapboxes that I usually climb on in the early morning when I am having coffee with my husband…He would rather experience a caffeine-wake-up but it seems like that is the time when my brain is sparking with leftovers from the day before and I spout them. His suggestion? “Why don’t you put that on your blog?” I know he simply wants to share with all of you… At least, that is what I will choose to believe! 😉

There is a particular radio station that I tune into now and then. It’s a “Christian” broadcast and, specifically, a talk show at the time that I plug in. In the past, I would look it up in order to listen with amazement and horror at some of the things the host talked about but, fortunately, lately I have tuned in to see if I can learn something.

Nope, the content has not gotten any more enlightened than it ever was. Such a disappointment!

This particular afternoon, the host was talking about a specific facet of one of our political leaders. He would play a portion of a speech made by another of the leading political figures of our time interspersing his views and opinions on how enlightened this person is. The formula is old as time of playing parts of something someone is saying in order to emphasize your opinion of one thing or another. I find the host’s political views disgusting and offensive. His motto would be “God and Country and pass the ammunition” if you could put it in one statement.

The question that came to me as I listened was whether this was right per se. Is it right to use this venue for expressing your opinion on political hot button issues? ALL the time? It is a talk show which, I guess, gives him the room to “talk” about whatever subject he would like to discuss but then that begs the question whether he would not be using his time to a better advantage by talking about…let’s say…the things we as followers of Christ experience day to day. What are those stumbling blocks in our ways? Are we supposed to get in to the argument of the day or are we to stay focused on our walk? What is required of us in the political arena or any arena we find ourselves in?

Why is it political topics that separate us into the good little boys and girls and the sinful ones? Is that the only measure we should use for whether we are living as we should be or not?

I don’t think we are supposed to be so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good but I don’t see Christ getting into the politics of the day when He was here. He didn’t stand in the synagogue and rant about the latest law or trespass of a law. He spoke of what we are as followers of Him, how His Father saw us and He healed many and ate with the tax collectors and prostitutes. He fed the hungry and gave what He had to the poor. Heavens, He seems almost to be more on the side opposite to this radio Host’s!

I know we all will be surprised when we get to heaven of how wrong or right our opinions may have been on a subject or whether we should have even been involved in the argument.

But, one thing I know is that we will all find forgiveness and love…and I don’t know if we will then say who is right and who was wrong….

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