Friends? What friends…. I have found myself at a crossroads where I never thought I would be standing…At one point in my life, I had many “friends” who I thought were of the kind that last. Seriously, I didn’t think they all would “last” but I did think that the bulk of them would still be around, that they would be able to withstand the stress of “me” and that they would continue as we were…”close friends”. I mean for the most part, I had vacationed with them, stayed in their homes and they in mine, communicated with them on a regular basis if not by letters or email but face to face. Then an ugly thing happened and my “friends” began to be sifted through many different things that came in to my life that they couldn’t deal with. Loss of a ministry, not by my choosing but by another’s, was a key spot that I found myself on the wrong side, their wrong side not God’s. For a variety of reasons, some did not know where I fit in their lives anymore. THAT was very telling! Apparently, the friendship was based on very tenuous thread of doing and acting the way my “friends” thought I should and, when that was no longer the case, they didn’t know what to do with me. That friendship was based on faith. Another form of “friend” is found in the work place. I bought into the idea that I had friends but those aren’t friends either. If I am not worth spending time with outside of work, then it isn’t anything more than a comfortable socializing while completing a job. Or, when you move out of one department into another, all of a sudden no one knows you!When these break downs occur, one can’t help but wonder if any of it was true! Note – I do have a few very close friends who have stuck with me through many pains and joys. I am grateful for them.

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